Holographic dive map

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a holographic dive map

The usual site maps are often two dimensional and hard to read. A good understanding of what to expect of the site beforehand is crucial to not getting disoriented and lost while under the surface. Most of the books and dive site maps are not translated for all customers and misunderstandings can lead to fatal consequences.


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Castro 35mm


Major studios are switching to digital prints, businesses that used to make and support celluloid-labs, shippers, and suppliers are shutting down or shifting gears.

This might lead to loss of a wide variety of our cultural heritage.


Create several events that embrace the 35mm film and make it appealing for all ages to get involved in the fight for the reels.

Responsive webpage + Advertisment.


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Nudibranchia is a color picker website that allows you to pick colors schemes from one of the world's most peculiar animal, the nudibranch.

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My name is Robert Hoff and I’m from Hjo, a small town in Sweden. Which is famous for its architecture, old wooden houses and its beautiful park right next to lake Vättern.

After many years of traveling and diving around the world, filled with inspriation. I moved to San Francisco to continue my creative outlet in graphic design.

I’m finding motion graphics and 3D animation very interesting and would love to expand further in that field, integrating knowledge and design to something simple and understandable for everyone.

Contact or visit me on

415 483 6992